In the words of Kyle, we exist to bring happiness to children with serious or life-threatening illness…
so they might feel better!”

At the Heart of our Foundation

The heartfelt aim of The Kyle Andrews Foundation is to bring joy and happiness to children with serious or life-threatening illnesses. We also understand how hard it is to deal with serious illness for families. Our camps and holiday homes provide much needed respite for families.  

This is why, since 1988, our volunteers have worked in partnership with our local community, sponsors and supporters to ensure we rally together and from generous donations and fundraising with a range of community events we can continue to nurture families and provide fulfilling life changing experiences and opportunities.

Simply, it’s the smiles on the kids’ faces.  

The joy of the fun activities with other kids experiencing serious illness.

Providing an escape from the white hospital walls.

That’s really what drives us.

That’s why we exist.


Sunday 1st September


Through generous donations and funds raised from a range of events, we provide an annual camp and a respite holiday home in Broome. We also have a self-contained apartment in West Perth for North West residents who need to undergo treatment. 

We also have a property under development – Kyle’s Getaway, in Busselton in WA’s South West as another family respite opportunity. It’s still early days, but we can’t wait to share more about this location. 

We are proud that nearly 100 per cent of the funds raised and donated go towards supporting children with cancer and their families and Northwest families who need accommodation in Perth whilst undergoing treatment.


Check out the range of events you can participate in.

These events help raise much needed funds for the Foundation and of course they’re fun! 


We’ve created our donation page and provided a range of different ways you can donate, from regular debits to a one-off contribution. 

The smallest donation helps us bring joy to a child experiencing a serious illness. 

Our volunteers celebrate (high-fives) each and every donation. It’s incredibly special for us because we truly know the difference it makes for the kids and their families.


Our brave Broome boy …
Kyle Andrews had a big heart and an even bigger dream!

It all started when he wanted to bring some of his young friends from Princess Margaret Hospital to Cable Beach….
“so they might feel better” 


Since 1988 we have been dedicated in providing support to families and their children undergoing oncology treatment at the Perth Children’s Hospital. 

If you’d like more information on how we can support you, please contact us. 

It was a beautiful warm afternoon so when we finished fishing, we just sat on the rocks and watched the sun go down. And then Kyle said to me, “Dad wouldn’t it be great if all the kids on the Ward could come up to Broome, wouldn’t they feel so much better”.

I thought at the time, ‘what a very unselfish wish, coming from a little boy going through so much pain and suffering at the time himself. All he could think about was all his mates on the cancer ward at Princess Margaret Hospital.

Jero Andrews

Kyle’s Dad

KAF, founded on love and compassion for our children facing the real brutality of fighting for their innocent lives, is exemplary in giving the children their own voices and lives back in a powerful contribution, that is so holistically important, in an incredible way in a simply surreal week.

(As a Mum the foundation has also given me strength in my life)


Mum of a Kyle’s camp kid

A year after my treatment, I was invited to attend the 2014 Kyles Camp. This was the first time being apart from my family since my diagnosis, so this was both a daunting and exiting experience for me. This week away in Broome was truly lifechanging- being able to spend time with other kids who had been through similar journey’s was refreshing and such a relief- you didn’t have explain your situation, the other kids just got it. Being away from home allowed me to gain back some of my independence again, which was so important being a teenager. We had such a fun week in Broome and formed many lifelong friendships.

Deni Atkinson

Former camp Kid & now mentor for the foundation.

In mid-2014, aged 14, I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Over the next ten months, I underwent intensive chemotherapy treatment at PMH, and returned home to Denmark in April of 2015. In 2015, I flew with the Kyle Andrews Foundation up to Broome and spend one the best weeks of my life in one of the most beautiful and welcoming places in the world. KAF kindly asked me to return to Broome the following year to play a set of songs at their 20th anniversary party on the beach. I am now in the final year of my Bachelor’s degree at the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts, The part I am looking forward to most is being involved with the KAF and to keep on giving for a cause that I am Passionate about. I can’t wait to see unwell kids like I was once be able to spend time on a camp closer to home in Busselton.

Julian Anderson

Camp Kid & mentor now

For me it has always been something we do as a family and a great catch up with my original mothers’ group and playgroup friends.

We have walked along beautiful Cable Beach together, grateful for where we live and the health of our children and in awe of the strength and resilience of the young people facing their health hardships. I am sure Kyle never dreamed he would touch so many lives. He has certainly done that.

Rose Mitchell

Devout Cable Beach Walker

My Son Thomas Quarmby attended the annual KAF Camp in 2019.

The Camp provided my son with an incredible experience and adventure. 

He had an amazing time and met some great people.

I am incredibly grateful to the KAF team for the experience they gave my Son and the ongoing support I get from the KAF family.
It truly is an amazing charity made up of incredible people that work tirelessly to enrich the lives of kids impacted by life threatening Illness.

Matt Quarmby

Kids Camp Dad

Thank You To Our Sponsors

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