The Kyle Andrews Foundation was established as a legacy to a brave young

Broome boy, Kyle Andrews, who lost his battle with cancer at the age of 11.

In early 1998 Kyle was undergoing treatment for leukaemia at Princess

Margaret Hospital and had a dream of bringing some of his young friends

from Ward 3B to Cable Beach so that, in his words “they might feel better”.


Thanks to the generosity of the people of Broome “Kyle’s Camp 98” was

organised and for those children who attended, together with their carers

and the organisers, the camp proved such a wonderful and enriching experience that it was determined that it be made an annual event. Kyle passed away in July 1998 after experiencing the first Kyle’s Camp. The Kyle Andrews Foundation group has been working together since 1998 to achieve Kyle’s dream and was fully incorporated as a registered charity with the Australian Taxation Office in early 2000.


The organisation is a charitable foundation raising funds to bring Children undergoing treatment for cancer from Princess Margaret Hospital, in Perth WA, to Broome on an annual basis, for a much needed week break from difficult therapy. Approximately 15 children (with 4 hospital carers) travel to Broome annually, the children are given opportunity to undertake an array of Broome activities with other Children in similar health circumstance, and be kids again. The Broome environment allows for activities not available in other regions, with high community involvement in both pre‐camp events and fundraising, but also huge direct community involvement with the children in Broome each year. The Foundation has run the annual 'Kyle’s Camp ' for the past 21 years, with over 300 children attending the camps to date.


The Foundation has also constructed a home in Broome which is utilized by families with ill children on a short stay in Broome. The Foundation is well supported and recognized by the community & local businesses, which is a key to the growth of the Foundation and support of the children.

The committee is made up of fourteen people from a diverse range of occupations.  Ten members are located in Broome and four members reside in Perth to support our Perth activities and liaise with the Perth Children's Hospital to support the annual Kyle's Camp. Our wonderfully supportive Patron is Justin Langer who, along with his family, attend each Camp and represent the Kyle Andrews Foundation Inc. at a number of functions.

                                                                                         All positions are voluntary, we have minimal running costs and are very proud to                                                                                                   state that close to 100% of funds donated and raised are used to support kids with                                                                                               cancer and their families and North West residents who need accommodation in                                                                                                   Perth whilst undergoing treatment.


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