Supporting children with serious or life threatening illness…
so ‘they might feel better’

In early 1998, a Broome boy, undergoing treatment for leukemia at Princess Margaret Hospital, in Perth, WA, had a dream of bringing some of his young friends from the cancer ward to Cable Beach in Broome, so that, in his words, "they might feel better".  - Kyle Andrews - 1987 - 1998                                                                                     

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Carrying On the Dream, In His Memory

The ocean, for Kyle Andrews, was central to his life. Only a few months old when he was first introduced to the white sands of Cable Beach, he spent his first winter there in nappies or nothing. Such was his affinity with this beach and all it offered, that at the age of two years, he could windsurf and surf. Immersing himself in the surf club lifestyle, he continually challenged himself to improve and master his skills. There was no one who could catch him at running or surf lifesaving and at the age of ten, he was crowned Broome Surf Club Junior Ironman, not only winning his age group, but besting a number of competitors in older age groups as well. 

Alongside his competitive successes, his real love was for fishing and following in his brother Troy's footsteps. During his last months he caught some of the best fish to be found around Broome's magnificent waters.

In March of 1997, Kyle was diagnosed with leukaemia.  He spent 16 months fighting the disease, only to lose the battle on 23 July 1998.  Kyle's parting wish was that other kids fighting the same or similar battles to him should have the opportunity experience some of the joy that Cable Beach had brought him during his short life..